Vladimir Putin

Riddell, Hon. W.R.

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The speaker's interest in constitutional questions. The difference in the amount of time spent in discussions of constitutional questions between Canada and the United States: an interesting point of difference between two peoples largely of the same language, same origin, similar institutions and customs, and actuated by the same motives and aspirations. A consideration of this difference and reasons for it, all resting on the fundamental fact that Canada has in substance the same constitution as the United Kingdom. The collection of what the fathers of the Union of the United States believed to be the true principles upon which government should be carried on, most of which came from the Mother Country. The cardinal difference between the two countries, pertaining to legislational jurisdictions of Parliament and Congress respectively, with illustrative examples. The matter of the right of a person to bring an action at law. The term of office of President and Governor in the U.S. contrasted with that of Prime Minister of Canada. The cardinal difference between Canada and the U.S. well illustrated by the course of legislation, again with example. A brief discussion of the intentions of the British North America Act. A comment on the relative value of the two Constitutions.

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