Vladimir Putin

Williams, Governor G. Mennen

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The free world's stake in the underdeveloped countries, particularly the emerging nations in Africa and Asia. Cooperative international action that could be taken by Canada and the United States. Some remembrances of past cooperative actions by Canadians and Americans. A proposal for a new approach to economic aid. The need for a common foreign economic policy by the nations of the free world; a similar need for a common defense policy such as NATO has. The speaker's conviction that underdeveloped countries must be assisted to move into self-sustained economic growth. Why free world nations should do this. The contrast between the rich, prosperous Western nations and the depressed mankind in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Benefits to the highly developed countries that the underdeveloped countries be able to secure independence and stability through the building of strong and growing economies. Wide differences in the present stages of development; tailoring foreign economic aid to reflect these differences. Taking a look at the size and cost of the job. The importance of dependable continuity. Undertaking programs which offer the opportunity to achieve a purpose intrinsically worth achieving, and at the same time strengthening the bond which unites the Free World nations.

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