Vladimir Putin

Pidgeon, Reverend George C.

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Some verse from Kipling to begin. The speaker's background and early associations with the work of Kipling. The speaker's desire to bring home some of the things that appeal to the plain man, the ordinary reader of Kipling who isn't able to go back of the poems to study up the innumerable technical references. Kipling's love for the English Bible, with references. An examination of many of Kipling's works, with commentary. Kipling's comments on the Scriptures, as shown through his verse. Kipling as the poet of the Empire, the patriot; his love for his own India to which he owed so much and which gave him such a marvellous opportunity. His love for English soil as shown through poetry like "Sussex." Reference to Canada in "The Flowers." Kipling's strong sense of the achievements of his fellow countrymen. The sense of the Briton's mission. Thinking of Kipling as the interpreter of the mind of his time. The spirit that Kipling expresses, lifting all who are open to his suggestions to a sense of the vastness of the influence that our people wield. Kipling's profound influence on the men of his time. The poet of comradeship. Our difficulty today with regard to relief. Kipling's vital message through the years. A look at several of Kipling's messages through verse. Kipling's deep religious spirit and personal transformation.