Vladimir Putin

Martin, the Honourable Paul

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The beginning, tomorrow, in London, of a meeting of five men representing five nations on a matter vitally affecting the peace of the world, the question of disarmament. The urgency of the need for solving the problems that harass the world. The choice before us of destruction or the dawning of a better day. Progress on the separate but related problems of disarmament and the peaceful use of atomic energy. The Canadian delegation to the United Nations playing a leading part in the negotiations on these two questions. The agreement of a common approach to this difficult and vital problem between the Soviet Union and the Western Powers at the Ninth Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations. A brief review of some of the events leading up to this development. Armaments as a symptom rather than a cause of international tension. The speaker's role in this development. The resolution and the unanimous acceptance of it. Another unanimous resolution in the same General Assembly: on President Eisenhower's proposal for a plan to develop atomic energy for peaceful and constructive purposes. Working for peace in the world, and what we must do to have it. Progress made during the past nine years. The speaker's belief that the United Nations has helped to foster the logic of world co-operation against the deeply ingrained instincts of dissension and war. Seeking an international climate that is more conducive to friendly agreement. National Brotherhood Week in Canada. A vision of a better world.

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