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Wilson, Charles Erwin

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Some introductory remarks about the co-operation enjoyed at General Motors from the business men of Toronto and of others throughout all Ontario and Canada; about Canada's future and its potential. The dependence of the United States on Canada's resources. General Motors' confidence in Canada, now and in the future. Details of General Motors' expanding Canadian operations as evidence of their confidence in Canada. Diesel power and the development of oil fields in Western Canada. Business and social relations between the U.S. and Canada. Why the people of Canada and the U.S. are so much better off than the people in the rest of the world. How to continue the progress in labour and management relations. Seeking solutions for the problems of industry consistent with the basic principles on which Canada and the U.S. were founded. Recent 5-year labour agreements in both countries based upon experience, logic and principle. A review of those principles. A discussion of collective bargaining. The cost-of-living formula in General Motors' Canadian agreements by which wages are adjusted. A study of the history of wages and what that indicates. The annual improvement factor. The annual improvement in real wages. The principle of annual improvement in real wages based on technology held to be neither inflationary nor deflationary. Stabilizing the purchasing power of a dollar. Costs of manufactured articles and upon what that depends. The benefits of technology in raising the standard of living. Ways in which those benefits can be dissipated. General Motors' insurance package and the pension plan and how they were worked out. The value of non-economic provisions of General Motors' agreements. Response from employees. The structure of bargaining units in the U.S. The status of the five-year contracts with all of the bargaining units. The desire for industrial peace on the home front as well as international peace by GM workers. GM's belief in free enterprise and fair treatment of employees. The hope that these agreements will set a pattern for bargaining based on principles that are fair to all, that minimize industrial strife and that will promote industrial peace and prosperity for General Motors and its employees, and for all peoples of Canada and the U.S.

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