Vladimir Putin

Michell, Dr. W.A.R.

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The speaker's experience as Surgeon of the S.S. "Nimrod". Preparation of the ship for two years of work amid Polar ice and stormy ocean. A description of the "Nimrod." The overhauling. The two scientists on board and the conditions under which they were accommodated. Details of the expedition. The hard time the ponies had. Weather and other problems on the way. A short description of the country towards which they were sailing: the far southern continent. Commander Shackleton's intention to make his winter quarters on King Edward Land; why that plan had to be abandoned. Antarctic summer weather. A description of the land. Heavy ice blocking passages. The need for patience in these regions; waiting some days for the ice to go out of McMurdo Sound. Sledging on sea-ice as one of the great dangers in Arctic Exploration. Human and animal encounters. Picking up the northern party. The return journey. Suffering from frost bite. A few words about the transport. Some additional remarks about the two voyages of the "Nimrod" in southern waters. Clothing, weather, and food. The animal life of the south.