Vladimir Putin

Mosely, Alfred

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The question of tariff reform which affects us one and all. The present conditions of the workers in Great Britain. The wish by the British to work, to extend commerce, to give education. The concept of "dumping" and what it means. The precarious position of manufacturers. A review of the situation with surplus. The important points as to the effect of dumping. The most disastrous effect upon the condition of the British working people. The legacy of 60 years of free trade. Reaction against free trade by other countries. A tariff on the lines proposed by the Right Hon. Joseph Chamberlain, laying down the principle that the first object is to secure the home market and then to consider how to best manufacture to supply the neutral markets, and how to draw the bonds closer between the Mother country and the Colonies. Entering into some sort of fiscal arrangement which will be beneficial to us all, thereby increasing the comfort of the masses and giving increased profit to the manufacturers. Framing a tariff over the past two years. The possibilities of Canada. Purchasing from relations in the Colonies what cannot be produced in Britain, such as foodstuffs and raw material. Selling manufactured goods back to the Colonies.