Vladimir Putin

Denton, His Honour J. Herbert

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The policy of the British Government not to impose upon conquered people at once and for all time the laws of England, but rather to allow the laws and customs of the people so conquered to remain in the acquired territory so far as the same is practicable. How that policy differs from other empires throughout history. Judging the British policy by the success of British colonial government. Some very curious and interesting results which this policy so adopted and enforced has brought about. A journey through the British Empire to examine the results of this policy. Asking how and by what authority, and by what means are these laws enforced: by and through the local courts of the various possessions. One final Court of Appeal for the Empire, before which all the customs and laws and systems come up for review and consideration: the Judicial Committee of the Privy council. The jurisdiction of this Committee based upon the right that every subject has to lay his grievances at the foot of the Throne. The development of the Privy Council, and then the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council. The structure and organization of the Committee. Instances of some interesting cases. The political significance of the Judicial Committee. This Committee one of the legal ties of Empire. Objections to this Committee, and the speaker's response to them.