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Craig, Hon. Mr. Justice

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The Yukon, where the speaker has spent 12 years. The Klondike mining camp as probably the greatest placer camp the world has ever seen, in this respect that no camp ever produced the same amount of gold out of the same quantity of ground. The output, and the coincident mad rush. Ways in which perjury was a business in the gold rush years. The Klondike today as an absolutely changed camp. A description of then and now. The Yukon Gold Company and the Treadgold Company now and how they operate. How long it will take to wash up the known gravel deposits: some expert opinions. The immediate effect of the substitution of large operations on the Yukon a great decrease in population. Some numbers. Other placer creeks not in the Klondike basin that are in many cases yielding good pay, but nothing like the great results of the Klondike creeks. The very keen competition that exists between the two companies for placer ground. The speaker hopeful for a steady prosperity for this part of the Yukon for some years. Still doubt as to the other regions, such as White Horse and Carcross. The disappointing experience of White Horse with regard to copper ore. The future of the Yukon to a large extent dependent upon the discovery of hard rock mines or mineral in place. Everyone looking for the elusive mother lode. The great need of the Yukon for scientific exploration; what is being done. The need for access to expert advice for the prospectors. Now money thrown away following a prospect which has no geologic value, and in work misdirected and misapplied. The lack of agricultural possibility for the Yukon; mining to be the chief industry. The climate of the Yukon, delightful, particularly in the summer. The healthy, hopeful people of the Yukon, confident in the future.