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Amoco Canada's offer to purchase Dome Petroleum. The media attention and other details of this offer. What the merger will mean in terms of jobs and livelihoods of thousands of Dome employees, and to the Canadian economy. Canada's goal of achieving a secure supply of energy. Specifics of the acquisition. Adjustments and adaptations in the oil industry to new events. The continuing demand for oil and natural gas. Signs of a brighter future for this industry in Canada. The developments of reserves in the Beaufort Sea and an increase in the number of enhanced oil recovery programs and heavy oil projects. The deregulation of the oil industry in 1985 and of natural gas prices in 1986 and what that has meant for the petroleum companies in establishing new markets. Other factors which affect the industry: changes in petroleum revenue tax and general corporate tax rate; also the recently negotiated free trade agreement with the U.S. What that agreement will mean. The government's attack on Canada's oversized deficit as another milestone in the march toward future prosperity. Amoco Canada's confidence about the future of the Canadian economy and the long-term viability of the nation's oil and gas sector. A brief history of Amoco since its modest beginning in 1948. Amoco's agreement with Investment Canada as a demonstration of their continued commitment to this country. The acquisition's role in determining whether Canada's energy industry grows or stagnates. The impact on Canada's drive for economic prosperity and energy self-sufficiency.