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Cody, President H.J.

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The speaker divides his address into three sections: a heritage to guard; a heritage that has been attacked; our duty to defend it. Our great inheritance as members of this far-flung Dominion, and also as members of that larger political entity to which this Dominion of Canada belongs, the British Empire. Some words on the British Empire, which is our heritage and a unique political institution. The modern growth of our heritage. The comparative youth of the British Empire. A consideration of the forces which operating together have created the British Empire: the process of discovery, the process of trade, and the process of settlement. An analysis of each of these and other forces. The political elements of our heritage. Empire and Democracy. Ideals represented and embodied by the Empire. The element of high tolerance for language, race, creed, culture, and the element of co-operation among these varieties. A regard for law and order, and for justice. Trustworthiness and honour. Freedom. Duty. The challenge to this heritage. Canada's determination to share in answering that challenge of force by force. The lack of any other alternative. A letter from John Maynard Keynes in his reply to George Bernard Shaw in "The New Statesman and Nation" in the issue of October 7th. Some concluding words from William Wordsworth.