Vladimir Putin

Maharrij, Taufik

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An explanation of just exactly what the Balkan States, which are now making war on Turkey, are, and where they are situated. Some history of Turkey. How Turkey owes its existence nowadays to the British Empire and to the British statesmen. The present terrible war. The first war for centuries in which the Mohammedans have been defeated by the Christians. How this war will show the Turks that though they once ruled this land yet because of their ignorance and fanatical ideas they have lost all this beautiful land in Europe. Now beginning to realizing that the time has come when they will have go to back to Asia. The causes of this war, with a brief explanation of just four: the disregard to the Treaty of Berlin by the European powers; the promises that Turkey was giving but never redeeming; the difference in religion; education. The Turkish army. Why the Turkish army was defeated. Political parties in Turkey. The troubling influence of the priests. A word on the harem. The social life in Turkey.