Vladimir Putin

Juneau, Pierre

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A reference to Northrop Frye's remarks on Canadian culture and the differences in cultural attitudes between Canadians and Americans. The difficulty in bridging the various solitudes of Canada. Broadcasting as a potent force to bring Canadians together. A brief history of broadcasting in Canada from its inception in Montreal on May 20, 1920. The first of many royal commissions on broadcasting: the Aird Commission in 1929, concluding that "In a country of the vast geographical dimensions of Canada, broadcasting will undoubtedly become a great force in fostering a national spirit and interpreting national citizenship." The reality for broadcasting in Canada today. Pressures for the extension and improvement of CBC services and where they come from. Decisions of the CRTC. The CBC after budget cuts. The impact on programs and services. Contrasts between our traditional rhetoric and actual political decisions. The need for more Canadian programming of quality. Scheduling and funding problems. Different issues for the English and French programming: a detailed examination. A need for a new broadcasting act or a need for more determination to make the present legislation work? The issue of commercial revenue of the CBC from television advertising. The imperfection and the remarkable achievements of the people of the CBC. Their need for encouragement and support.