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Macdonald, Rev. J.A.

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The increased interest by Canadian business men in the work of the churches. Some illustrative instances. The Laymen's Movement. Reasons for this increased interest. A growing sense that the life of a man is too big, too vital, too abundant, to be confined within the narrow lines that lead merely to the making of money. The life of a man far more than what is seen. A growing sense with the man of the world today of the background of life, the unseen in life. The words "religion" and "religions," often used in a wrong sense. What these words mean for the speaker. The Church, by its constitution, purpose and genius, as the best educator and aid that we know as yet for the average man for keeping alive that inward hope, the flame of life. The Church as the best agent we have for the service of those around. The purpose of the Church. The Church's ideal today not the saving of the individual, but a far larger thing, the social organizations of man, the social needs of man, the social hopes of man. The Church's social object and ideal now coming to be realized as it never was before. The Church and the State as the two great organizations of democracy, and how that is so. The meaning of the movement among the laymen. Our nation coming to a higher ideal as to what it is for through the work done in the Church.