Vladimir Putin

Church, S.H.

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An expression of admiration of Canada's great work in contributing to win the war. This awful conflict that has brought us together in matters of religion. The world's debt to England. The nature of the British Empire. Lloyd George's response to the attack made upon him by General Maurice with regard to keeping the armies of the British Empire at work in Mesopotamia and Egypt. A thought which comes from some historic reminiscences: that great thing which we call human imagination is more Romantic and French and Celtic than it is German. Why the British Empire should endure. England's record. Words on the nature of humanity. Aims of Germany. The fallen men, each of whom has died the death of a hero. The spirit of the British Empire, depicted in a Punch cartoon, and in contrast to the German civilization. Support for the British Empire throughout its own nations and the world. America's part in this War; slow to come in, but now on the battle-front because she knew that the civilization of the world was suffering progressive destruction at the hands of Germany, and was going to go out there to defend it.

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