Vladimir Putin

Waugh, Professor W.T.

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No appreciable change for the better in the relations between the component parts of the British Commonwealth in the three years since the speaker last addressed The Empire Club. Some of the dangers, some of the disruptive influences which it seems to the speaker are affecting the Commonwealth. A very quick review of the more obvious and publicized problems. The attitude of the British people toward the colonies or dominions. The waning of imperialistic fervour. The end of British enthusiasm about the Empire with the election of 1906. A remaining cool and considered regard for the values of the Empire. The ignorance about the Overseas Dominions of the English with some illustrative anecdotes. Reference to a review of the relations between the different Dominions since the War. Speculation with regard to a United States of Europe. One or two disruptive influence in the Dominions themselves. Anti-British feeling in parts of the Dominions. A greater effort to bring people together through intelligent travel. The risk of talking and arguing about equality of status. The desirability from the point of view of the whole human race that the Empire should continue.