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The work of the Juvenile Court, practically speaking, to make men who will be fitted for anything that may life in front of them in life, and to make men out of material that is not always the easiest to work with. The establishment of the Court some three years ago in the city of Toronto. Details of staff and facilities. The cases that came before the Juvenile Court during those three years. The authority to treat these children in one of four ways. The children that come before the Court. The definition of a juvenile delinquent. The limited, virtually non-existent probation system due to lack of staff. Some statistics. The speaker's attempts to use outside agencies for some of the probation work. Details of the speaker's efforts. The option of sending the children to industrial school. The impossible task being attempted at these schools. Details of conditions and numbers in these schools. The issue of the feeble-minded child one of the great menaces, one of the great factors, which is making it impossible to rejuvenate the children of this province through the industrial schools. A definition of feeble-minded. The high proportion of this kind of child in the industrial schools. The Auxiliary Classes Act. The lack of appropriate facilities for these children. The speaker's suggestion for a home where these children could be cared for, with details of necessities. The story of what started the Big Brother Movement among the Jews. Helping your boys by putting them on their honour and trusting them.