Vladimir Putin

Moore, William H.

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Advocating a specific structure for the social life of the post-war days that we hope are not so very far away. Social structures are means to ends. Objective of the social structure. How we came by the social order that existed between 1919 and 1939. The social order the world has had over the past 30 years. Shaping the social order we are to have in post-war days. Some specific questions posed with expert answers so that we can judge for ourselves the competence of the witnesses in their respective fields. For example, the contention that parliament CAN plan the economic life of this country, answered with a quotation from Bernard Shaw. Concern over class economic interests, with an opinion from Leonard Woolf. In this format, the speaker goes on to quote from a variety of sources as he addresses the issues of the Socialist State. Rediscovering the lost secret of Progress: the development of individuality. Tests of the social order. Some concluding remarks about individualism.