Vladimir Putin

Webb, Col. R.H.

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Interest in the problems of Western Canada, one of which is the Hudson Bay Railway. Interest in the development of the Hudson Route, and particularly to Port Nelson. Hudson Bay as an all-year-round route. The prosperity of Toronto, Ontario, and the whole of the Dominion lying in the development of Western Canada, and how that is so. The people of Western Canada looking for proper support. Controversy over money being spent in other parts of Canada. The need for this railroad to develop the vast natural resources all along the right-of-way. Examples of resources to be developed. Conditions to be found in the Nelson River. The ridiculous talk about Hudson Bay being frozen over. A description of the Bay as suitable for navigation and transportation year-round. The simple solution to the problem of navigation of the Straits in Hudson Bay: lighthouses and signal service and aerial reports such as there are in the St. Lawrence. The lack of danger to shipping due to the lack of impediments. The need for more statesmanship and less politics. Propaganda coming from New York as the greatest obstruction to the Hudson Bay Railway. Solving the problem of Canadian migration first and that will solve the problem of immigration. Building up our own land.