Vladimir Putin

Willison, Sir John

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Australia. The story of Australia. The characteristics, the spirit of adventure of the Australian people. Travel on the sea by the Australians, with dollar figures. The press of Australia. Theatre in Sydney and Melbourne. Phases of life in Australia for which there are no counterparts in Canada. Climate as compared with that in Canada, and the differences it makes to things like ease of travel. The difficulty of comparing the Australian state railways with the railways of America under private control. Attitudes towards state and nation in Australia. The Australian Constitution modelled upon that of the U.S. rather than that of Canada, and what that means in terms of Australia's government. Australia as a great laboratory of social and industrial experiments, and how that is so. Unions and labour. The Australian Labour party and the mean who run it. The resolute, aggressive and invincibly protectionist fiscal policy of Australia. Import and export regulations. Drought as Australia's great affliction. Australia's contributions and losses during the war. Australia's devotion to sport. Being impressed, as one goes round the world, by the tremendous responsibilities and obligations which lie upon the people of the British Empire, with many examples. The nature of the rule of the British Empire. The supporting hand of the British Empire now. The tree of democracy.