Vladimir Putin

Townshend, Major-General Sir Charles

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The speaker's experiences during the War. The speaker's troops: 30,000 men, the pick of the British regiments in India, and an Indian regiment. The order to advance on Baghdad with a small force, now reduced after the battle of Kut-el-Amara to 8,500 bayonets. What that meant. Facing a force of 24,000 Turks. The requirement to follow orders. Some thoughts on command. The battle of Ctesiphon. The defence of Kut. The difficulty of obtaining food. The advice to surrender by the speaker's superiors. Criticism against the speaker, and his response to it. The chivalry of the Turkish Commander when Kut fell. The written declaration that the speaker's men would be well-treated and the speaker's conviction that the ill-treatment was due to the German staff officers who surrounded the Turkish leader. The speaker's own treatment. Three attempts at escape. Getting a message to the British. The speaker's part in opening the Dardanelles. The collapse of the Turkish Empire.