Vladimir Putin

Rabinovitch, Robert

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Canadians not shy about sharing their opinions about the CBC. The CBC's past - and future. Time for a review of CBC's mandate. Preparing for the next seven years. Questions to ask ourselves about the role of the public broadcaster in Canada in 2014. The CBC today - some details. Efforts over the last six years. Some successes. Content provision. How CBC/Radio-Canada is unique from other media companies. The need to do more. The need for programming changes. Radio services. What's next. Ways to operate more efficiently. Some funding figures. Comparisons with other countries. Some challenges. CBC English Television - some facts. Significant challenges. The lack of drama. Changes in other countries. What CBC Television should be doing. The need for political will to proceed. An anecdote. Some serious questions to be asked. Things we need to do across all the services in order to succeed.