Vladimir Putin

Mess, Lieutenant-Colonel James

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Reaching conclusions and interpreting news of international importance without too much criticism of the actions of our Mother Country, although our independent Canadian spirit demands that we criticize. Doing so intelligently. The problem of translating the international situation from the broadcasts of paid commentators, articles by foreign correspondents, or through listening to public criticisms. The speed of communications far outrunning our ability of absorption. Our bewildered thoughts turning to the probability of war. Questions of what Hitler and Mussolini will do; what is Britain's plan; does she have one; is she prepared, etc. Acknowledging the change in conditions during the last 25 years. Trying to understand the British point of view. A discussion of many British policies and responses to them. Describing British characteristics, hoping to better understand their point of view. Some subjects addressed include Great Britain's lack of interest in the Japanese-Chinese war, war debts, the Hoare-Laval pact, Mr. Chamberlain's recent flight to Munich, the sinking of the German battleships. The two sides to every question. The long term view. Criticism against Britain for her generosity to the Boers; looking at the results today. The speaker's homemade formula for the British point of view: "Determine what is inevitable; pursue without rancour at whatever personal sacrifice necessary, with all justice possible, and regardless of ridicule or criticism, confident in the ultimate results." Where all this is leading us. Supporting the British without in any way relinquishing our right to criticize. The issue of unpreparedness. Hitler's statement that Germany as a vanquished nation or a vacuum would be infinitely more dangerous than as a re-established country. Putting our houses and our businesses in order and realizing the necessity for a very closely-knit Empire, ready for whatever the future may hold. An extract from Beverley Baxter's book, "Westminster Watchtower."