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Taschereau, Hon. L.A.

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The French-Canadian farmer, "the habitant," as one of Canada's greatest assets, both from a moral and national standpoint. Characteristics of the habitant. A description of Quebec and the habitant, quoted from the writing of a Torontonian. 60,000 French-Canadians, mostly habitants, who stayed here after Canada was ceded to England in 1763. The appeal of the love of the fields they had cultivated, the lure of the mighty rivers and the dense forests. The habitant as the first Canadian and as a resistor of American penetration and American absorption. Progress and customs of the habitant. The myth of priest-ridden Quebec and its negative connotations. Feelings of mutual respect, active co-operation, good understanding and true friendship between all creeds and all races in Quebec. Response to the charge that we have lost the valour and fighting blood of our ancestors. Peaceful pursuits of the habitants. Education and agriculture. How Canadianism is understood and practised in Quebec. The habitant as the bulwark of our nationality and to what that is due. Summary remarks in praise of the habitant.