Vladimir Putin

Roberts, A.E.

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The civilian front line embracing the fire service, bomb disposal squads, first aid, public utilities, transport, the problem of feeding thousands of people and clothing them when they are bombed. The need for a well organized and well trained organization to deal with these problems efficiently. The entry of Japan, and the incident at Pearl Harbour teaching us the real lesson of how fast this mobile type of warfare can move. Growing interest in places like Canada in air raid precautions (A.R.P.). How the speaker's organization works. How a Warden works. The light side of the blitz. A detailed description of the control room. The wardens as the true nerve centres. An introduction to the warden as the wet nurse to the general public. Words on the certificates of training, in peacetime, which entitled the speaker and others to act as Air Raid Wardens. The 40-day blitz that developed in September and what it taught the people, and the Wardens. What the Wardens need to know about their area. The duty of the householder to keep the Wardens up-to-date. The need to educate the public. Evacuating the area when delayed action bombs are dropped. The word of the first aid people. The importance of the blackout. How safe is Toronto? The possibility of a suicide raid by the Japanese. Consequences of not taking up the A.R.P. work. Descriptions of some of the raids, and the great fire of London. Organizing fire watchers. Anecdotes of humour in the face of danger. Stories of people helping each other. Providing protection the job of everyone. Canada's fortunate position in being given the time to prepare. The small price to pay for preparedness. Activities of the Toronto Civilian Defence Committee. Participating in, or cooperating with, the Civilian Defence Services. The urgent need for messenger boys. Establishing Refuge Rooms. The speaker's concluding plea for preparedness.

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