Vladimir Putin

Beale, Octavius C.

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The whole aim and scheme of the working of civilization to go from chaos to cohesion. Our British Empire established and grew in a kind of irregular unforeseen chaotic manner, with illustrative instances. The word "Empire" and what it does and does not convey clearly. The loyalty to the British Empire to be found in Australia. Ways in which Australia can be of use to the Empire. Adverse ideas put forward about Australia's restriction of immigration. Australia's completely democratic ideas. Woman's suffrage in Australia. The granting of land to railways here and in Australia. The lack of increase of population commensurate with the area. A comparison between Canada and Australia in this respect. Emphasizing the speaker's idea of strengthening the bond of union throughout the British Empire. Issues of trade and industry. Only by recognizing the value of industry that the British Empire will be strengthened and will be able to resist all possible attacks, no matter whence they come.