Vladimir Putin

Chalmers, Floyd S.

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A look at the current scene in Canada. Canada now making reasonable progress toward recovery and enjoying what might be called "creeping prosperity." "Five" in "The Next Five Years" arbitrary. Speaking in terms of optimistic forwardness while guarding against war. Present portents favourable for continued progress in reconstruction, for a new era of population growth, capital development, enhanced standards of living for all. Exploring the possibilities of introducing a little more of the spirit of purposeful direction into our recovery so as to be in a better position to face whatever is going to be our future. The result of upward struggles of the last few years. Coming out of the deepest pit of the depression. The type of recovery we are having. The persistence of depression symptoms. Treasuring the advantages of democracy while being realistic about its shortcomings. An examination of the depression in Canada and elsewhere. The encouraging news that Ottawa has set itself a two-year programme of budget balancing, that the Ontario Government has decided it must peg its debt at the present level, that Toronto has taken steps to take several hundred racketeers off the relief roll. Looking for a recovery which is going to see long strides made toward the solution of our underlying political and economic problems. Instances in the past periods of great expansion which simply served to gloss over growing evils in our structure: social dependency; the railway problem. A detailed discussion and analysis of the problems to be faced, with possible solutions: re-employment; the problem of public debt; transportation; the need for a simpler form of government and a revision of our Constitution. Everything the speaker says "presumed the continuance in Canada of faith in the democratic system and individualism as a way of life." The next five years to see the battle lines drawn very closely between representative government and dictatorship through most of the world. The challenge of demonstrating that our system is capable of effective action.