Vladimir Putin

Gregg, Allan

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The current positive state of Canada's economy, with examples and details. The linkage between business, government and the economy: an acknowledgement, but not a clear understanding of why government sometimes acts as business would like, and sometimes not. A fundamental change for Canadians in 1982-83, due to a dissatisfaction with their own personal circumstances, and the condition of the country. Signs of that fundamental change. A new idea of the proper role for business, government and the individual. A global swing to the right. A loss of faith in the way our country, our government and our institutions were being run. The demand for change by Canadians was a demand for change not to the system, but to the way the system works: a change in process. The differences perceived by Canadians between goals and means with regard to the present government. Tendencies as seen through public opinion data. How Canadians view big business. Canadians wary of some investment, especially foreign. Challenges to business. A shift in the burden of proof. Government relations and what they need in the new environment.