Vladimir Putin

Keys, David Arnold

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"No scientific discovery has created such devastating possibilities and at the same time offered vast opportunities for the benefit of mankind as that of the controlled release of atomic energy by nuclear fission." Fundamental research and peacetime uses of atomic energy providing basic knowledge upon which the present and future depend being carried out by Canadian scientists and engineers. Quotes from the late Lord Rutherford in 1903, and in 1921 about atomic energy. Atomic energy, like many another scientific development accelerated by world political unrest, with both destructive and constructive uses. A discussion of nuclear reactors and how they work. The three main functions that reactors perform, apart from the research facilities specially provided in the Chalk River piles, each of which is susceptible to improvement and useful expansion. An explication of radioisotopes, and the uses of radiation. The use of nuclear power, and problems involved in its use. The increase in the need for power. Nuclear fuel production--breeder reactors and how they operate. More speculative possibilities.