Vladimir Putin

Thomas, Sir Miles

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Some introductory remarks about the speaker's company, Toronto, Canada, and specifically Canada's great industrial expansion. Human progress. Advancing on the material front; exposing our moral and spiritual flanks to counterattack. Guarding against the side implications of new knowledge. The humanities, the arts, the moral sciences. Cultural progress in direct proportion to the growing freedom from our environment which the natural forces have permitted us to enjoy. Potential advantage of our growing material knowledge outweighing the dangers. A quote from Alfred Nobel. Nobel's dynamite and the developments to which it led. The destiny of science to create the material climate which will nurture moral progress. Some history of chemistry and the chemical industry. How chemistry has become creative. The contemporary scene dominated by the atom. The importance of the discovery of nuclear fission. The technique of chemical synthesis and what it may show us. What is happening at the speaker's company. Some of the controversies which arise from the broader issues of this work, with examples. Contributions of chemistry. Examples of the ways in which chemicals and chemistry has changed our lives. Some mixed blessings. The work of the technologist after the chemist has done his work. An alliance of the latest with the oldest, the synthetic with the natural, to produce substances which enrich humanity as neither could do alone. Creative chemistry bringing the better future nearer.