Vladimir Putin

Cody, Honourable and Reverend Canon H.J.

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Some impressions from the speaker's visit to Palestine. The sacred associations of Palestine to the Hebrew, the Christian and to the Mussulman. The vital importance of Palestine to the British Empire, to Europe and to world peace in general. A brief description and history of Palestine. Palestine's difficult agricultural conditions; its small size; the extraordinary diversity of this land. The mingling of the old and the new in Palestine, with examples. Above everything else, Palestine as the home of history, with illustrative examples. Palestine at once an oasis and a bridge, and how that is so. Palestine today. The guiding hand of Britain that is revealed, with specific examples such as improved roads, schemes of irrigation and reforestation, the guaranteeing of bonds for the development of the harbours of Jaffa and Haifa. The recent influx of 60-70,000 Zionist colonists. The purchase of land. Establishing a national home for the Jewish people, according to the Balfour Declaration. The position of the Arabs. Achievements of the Zionists. Racial antipathy. Thoughts on the future for Palestine, and for Zionism. Three great problems: economic; racial relations; the varieties among the Zionists who have gone back. A fourth problem of the respective attraction of the country and the city. The need for the British to retain the mandate if Zionism is to succeed, and if peace is to be maintained in Palestine. A brief discussion of each problem concludes this address.