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The upcoming centenary of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association. Plans for an appropriate acknowledgement of the role played by the manufacturing industry in changing the face of Canada since the birth of Confederation. A brief account of Canada's growth and development and the rise of the manufacturing industry. The importance to Canada of the health of the manufacturing industry. Some facts and statistics about the manufacturing industry in Canada. The National Policy set forth by Sir John A. Macdonald as the bedrock on which manufacturing in Canada has been built. The survival of serious challenges, the most famous that of the reciprocity election of 1911. What might have happened if the National Policy had been abandoned in the early formative years. What the National Policy did for Canada's development. Effects on the industry of the two World Wars. What has happened over the past quarter century as the manufacturing industry came of age and to pre-eminence in the Canadian economy. Problems faced by the industry today and how they differ from previous ones. Changes affecting the industry. The phenomenal growth despite problems. Good corporate citizenship. The interaction of business and society. Confidence in the ability of Canada's manufacturing industry to respond to the gauntlet of future needs and add significantly to the advancement, happiness and prosperity of Canadians.