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Tory, H.M.

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Some Canadian characteristics. Taking the broader vision and looking out upon the world in which we live and seeing ourselves in the larger relation of the great world of which we form a part. Asking and responding to three questions, in order to get at the heart of the subject: "Have we in Canada the natural conditions which go to make a civilization?; Have we these things in such abundance as to give us a fair chance of success in competition with the world?; How are we going to realize upon our inheritance?" A detailed discussion in response to these questions, with several issues raised and many subjects addressed, including the following. What it is that a nation requires in order to develop a civilization of a substantial character: a list of six. The certainty that we have in Canada all the natural things in fair abundance: the land, the climate, healthy and happy people, forests, mines, etc. The question as to whether or not we have these things in such abundance as to make for us an assured place in competition with the outer world. Comparisons with other countries, both old and new. Canada's advantages, with illustration, looking at various factors. Canada's transportation system. A look at the people of Canada. How Canada is going to get possession of our inheritance. Recognizing frankly the problems that we are facing. Seeing ourselves as others see us, or in an appropriate relation to the problems we have to solve, in order to get on with the solution. Dealing with the transportation problems. Seeking to make Canada a self-supporting nation. The need to stop criticizing each other, in terms of provincial or regional relations. Working out the French-English relations. Finding the foundation for unity in our pride of one another.