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Thornton, Sir Henry W.

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Compliments paid to the Right Honourable Mr. Arthur Meighen and Sir Thomas White, who were materially concerned in the birth of the Canadian National Railway. Disabusing the public mind of a statement which recently appeared in one of the financial papers with regard to the Canadian National Railway (CNR). The CNR as an expression of a co-operative effort, and ways in which that is so. A discussion of some of the problems of the CNR. Having regard for the public character of the CNR. The wide-flung mileage of the CNR as one of its essential problems to be confronted. Determining priorities. The curious and intricate financial structure of the CNR System. Finding solutions to the financial problem. Hope that at the next session of parliament a financial scheme will be presented which will be broad enough and sound enough to secure the financial permanence of the CNR and at the same time capitalize the financial improvement of the CNR in the last six or seven years. Relations between the CNR System, a state-owned railway, and what is generally called labour. A partnership theory. Various proposals presented by employees and adopted by the Company. Results of the co-operative shop movement. Wage increases and other employment benefits. Extending the partnership theory to maintenance-of-way employees. Three contributions which the CNR is making towards the arts and science of transportation in the mechanical, economic or social, and political arenas.