Vladimir Putin

Green, Rev. Canon Bryan

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The faith of an Englishman. The need to live close to reality. One of the speaker's greatest "beefs": that the Christian Churches sometimes don't live close to reality. A response to the question "What is the faith of an Englishman today?" with three characteristics, and a brief discussion of each. The Englishman's religion of his country. The Englishman's faith centred in the religion of his church. The religion of the Englishman still in a queer way the religion of his family. The concern by the speaker that he is, perhaps, describing the faith of an Englishman 30 years ago rather than today. The widespread ignorance of the Christian faith today. The general feeling that the speaker has about all classes of Society. Three major ways by which England can recover her faith. Practising and beginning to re-practise the Christian way of life. Reasserting that Englishmen must attend church. Taking Christ into our home. The speaker's belief that all he has said is to no avail unless he himself takes the spirit of Christ into his own personality. The four things that the speaker wants for his daughter.