Vladimir Putin

Stewart, Andrew

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A description of Australia. How it came about that the speaker had the opportunity to visit Australia as one of two representatives of the National Conference of Canadian Universities. 10 Australian universities visited. Education in Australia. The influence of the British tradition in schooling. Education as a concern of the State, but how the Commonwealth government has intruded in two important ways: the scholarship scheme financed by the Commonwealth Government and through the establishment of the National University at Canberra. Some recent developments in Australian education. Some tendency to decentralization. Part-time and continuing education. Similar educational considerations for Canada. The arts and scientific research. The economic life of Australia; some selected aspects. Inter-governmental co-operation as seen in the Australian Loan Council. Legislation for the regulation of banking. Australia's energy resources. Water as one of Australia's major deficiencies. Government policies designed to stimulate industrial expansion and at the same time assist the production and marketing of the country's main primary products. Protection for domestic industry provided under a system of preferential, intermediate and general tariffs. Imports and exports. Relations between employers and employees. Australia's substantial measure of prosperity, with occasional crises, during recent years. The speaker's dominant impression of isolation and the reasons for it. Affinity with Canada.