Vladimir Putin

St-Laurent, Right Honourable Louis S.

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Reference to what the speaker said in a previous address. Coming a long way since 1920 in developing a national spirit. Having more faith in ourselves and in our country than we have ever had before. Strengthening that faith by many tangible expressions of the faith of other countries in us and in our place in the universal scheme of things. Looking at a time when that was not true. Canada in 1881 and a quotation about the Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada and the Canadian Government from an editorial from an overseas paper called "London Truth." The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and how that event will serve to strengthen the members of the Commonwealth. The real link among the Commonwealth countries of common ideals, memories of associations in the past and convictions that those past associations have been for the benefit of all Commonwealth peoples. The ability of the Commonwealth to develop and adapt itself to new situations. The element of unity. Immigration into Canada. Canada's future and a word of caution. Establishing outer lines of defence in Korea and West Germany. Territorial defence. Joint defence operations with the United States. Participation in NATO and the United Nations; in the Colombo Plan and the United Nations Technical Assistance programme. The concern to prevent false confidence that the danger of Communist aggression has receded enough that we can afford to relax. Meaning business about peace. Seeking new outlets for goods. The International Trade Fair. The re-establishment of normal diplomatic relations with Japan. A recent trade mission to South America. Continuing importance of the markets in Commonwealth countries. The responsibility of the Canadian Government to do its part towards establishing the maintenance of a large market for imports with reasonable tariff policies and the avoidance of import restrictions. A prediction that 1953 looks like a good year. What we must not forget.