Vladimir Putin

Wilson, The Hon. Michael

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Promoting our national interests by working with the United States on many global and hemispheric issues. Canada and the U.s. as separate, sovereign entities - some convergences. Working together in common endeavour. Differing histories and formative experiences creating different traditions and domestic political drivers. The management of this relationship. How and why Canada and the U.S. work together in the world. How and why Canada pursues common causes with the U.S. globally. The speaker's belief that Canadians are overlooking an important aspect of our relationship. Not diminishing the role Canada plays on the world stage. How our relationship with the U.S. affects us internationally. Some exemplifications. The key role played by the embassy - in Iraq, Afghanistan, Latin America and the Western Hemisphere. Canada's objectives. Common objectives with the U.S. Endeavours in the Caribbean and South America. Objectives in the World Trade Organization. The energy field. Environmental stewardship. Preparedness for pandemics. Protecting and defending the freed, independence and sovereignty of the two countries. NORAD as an emblem of common endeavour. Defence co-operation. Our greatest personal and economic common cause--"daily" life along our shared borders. Working to solve disputes. Canada as a good and reliable partner.