Vladimir Putin

Reade, John Collingwood

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The social revolution which began at the time of the depression of 1929 and will not be finished until some time after peace has been restored. The three great camps into which the world is now dividing itself: the Axis combination of Germany, Italy and Japan; the Democracies, or what is left of them; and Russia. The underlying causes of economic organization. Witnessing the last stages in the transition of society from one in which capital was predominant to one in which the ordinary man is to be predominant. A review of the different classes of authority throughout the world's history. The progressive departure from the orthodox practices which governed the administration of finance before the last war, since 1929. The truth of this in the external dealings of nations as well. An examination of how various countries have gone about attempting to set up economic security. Democracy, Fascism, and Communism: power and responsibility. Mr. Churchill, understanding and explaining Hitler's plan. What the British Empire is fighting. The need to rid the world of totalitarianism. The new order. The terms of the new peace to be devised by the British. Some concluding words from Winston Churchill.