Vladimir Putin

Catlin, Professor G.E.G.

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The theme of world organization for peace, and within that framework, a fusion of the United States and the British Commonwealth. A fusion of the West within the framework of world government. Words from Wendell Willkie and Walter Lippmann on this subject. A proposal from Ernest Bevin, British Foreign Secretary, of a Customs Union of the British Commonwealth and Western Europe. The inability of the small state to carry out in a contemporary world the primary function of statehood, that of maintaining peace. A discussion of the fulfilment of the principles contained in the charter of the United Nations, especially in Chapter VIII, "Regionalism." The notion of One World. Keeping the basic principles of the rule of law, the maintenance an enforcement of peace under the rule of law, and the determination by the majority what the rule of law may be. Peace which applies to the framework, with the World Organization supplying the framework within which other organizations have to work. The issue of veto. The position of the Soviet Union that the test of all things is not the majority principle but co-operation, and the co-operation of the Great Powers. Examples of countries with historical grounds for suspicion of other countries. The problem, not with the common people who are peace-minded, but with the attitude of governments and whether they think they can get the fruits of victory without war. The speaker's belief that the route of peace is first of all the route of education of humanity which is a long term prevention and secondly, the establishment of an international power, or an international police force. The problem of how to get that police force. The best prospect for peace being the majority of ocuntries actually, and always in appearance, presenting a strong, united front. The role to be played by Canada. Practical steps that can be taken; some details and suggestions. Thinking out the question of ideas and deciding "whether on the issue of personal liberty, we are prepared nobly to save, or meanly to lose, the last best hope on earth for which we fought the last war."

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