Vladimir Putin

Blair, S. Robert

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A review of Canada's recent history and society, particularly in terms of the economy. The new exciting Canada which "likely contains much opportunity to arrange a more interesting and deserving place to live." What it is not a time for. Time, rather, to "get it together." Canada's distinctions. A time to review our own problems and make changes as "authors of our own version for mastership of our home territory." What that means. Persuading French-Canadians to hold it together with the rest of us. A voice from business in Canada, and "necessarily from the businesses and professions that have a complete and autonomous base and have their destinies committed in this country, concerned with raising capital here and making new investments here year by year, whose management will win or lose according to the fortunes of Canada." Listening to French-Canda and to the west, and to work with openness to the native people. "Looking Outwards" as a trade manifesto of the Economic Council of Canada. Shifts in economy and commerce in the same direction as Canada's regional shifts. What Canada really needs: nationalism.