Vladimir Putin

Herridge, Rev. Dr. W.T.

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Canadians as a people in the formative period of youth. Only just beginning to discover how great are our purely material resources. Canada's mineral, fishing, and timber resources. Our educational system. Enjoying the blessings of a constitutional rule which has been broadened from precedent to precedent. Having to guard against the mere vulgarity of dollars, commercial subterfuge, public or private vice, against everything which would check our national progress and prevent us from fulfilling our proper destiny. The manufacture of the right kind of men. The traditions which the Briton bequeaths to us. Part of Britain's deliberate policy to be the champion of the oppressed and down-trodden, the avenger of cruel wrongs, the exponent of just laws, irrespective of race and station. The moral standards of the British race. The lesson history teaches us that there is an inevitable connection between National character and National destiny. Remembering that Canada shares in all this rich inheritance of the British Empire. Serving the best interests of a true Imperialism. Canada's splendid opportunity of showing what is possible to the sons of Britain. Showing all the time that we look for the very best men to guide the councils of State and that we will not tolerate anywhere the dishonest and the incompetent. A fine object lesson in that old City of Quebec in the column erected to the memory of Wolfe and Montcalm.