Vladimir Putin

Thompson, Robert M.

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Canada crossing the threshold of its second Century. The good days, and the grim realities of the world we live in. The home scene. The Constitutional Conference, concluded two weeks ago in Ottawa. The continuing debate. The greatest need of the hour. How to go about attaining true unity. Some of the speaker's observations "as they unfolded from the pages of history as revealed by a study of the records of politicians 100 years ago, the legislature, the pre-Confederation conferences and the early sessions of Parliament, beginning in October, 1867." How and why Canada became a Confederation. Common convictions and principles shared by the Confederating Fathers. The spirit of 1967 as it projects into 1968. Some questions Canadians must answer. Canada in the world today, facing the political and economic realities. The speaker addresses the issues of security, Canada's participation in NATO and NORAD, private enterprise, foreign ownership, human rights, constitutional rights, freedom, the Canadian way of life, governmental authority, the social order, personal commitment, God, individual responsibility, and more. No room for neutral, passive people.