Vladimir Putin

Lamon, Jeanne and Haight, Lynn

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Jeanne Lamon: Artistic and administrative leaders working together at Tafelmusik. The success of Tafelmusik. The music and the philosophy of music-making of Tafelmusik. The revolutionary nature of the music and what it means. The instruments used. [Tape recorded music is played several times during the speech to help illustrate many of the speaker's points, and the many aspects of the musical revolution of Tafelmusik.] Support from Toronto, Ontario, and Canada. Canadian culture and the meaning of the word "culture." The importance and relevance of the music played. Some details of the concerts, teaching programmes, and success of Tafelmusik. An invitation extended. Lynn Haight: The sort of management challenges which confront this orchestra. The need to keep up with the revenue mix. Capacity. Mitigating financial risk. An operating surplus. Snags with foreign markets. Assets that go up and down. An invitation extended.