Vladimir Putin

Norwood, Rev. Frederick

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The radical changes that are taking place in parts of the world. The speaker's 16 months of travel, testing out a few great convictions which have been maturing in his mind for years. Stating his case from a personal point of view for the sake of clarity. Personal background of the speaker. The world map of the speaker's childhood. A review of the history of exploration and discovery of the world's continents. The essential question in the world: "Why are we hungry and wretched when wealth and productivity is staring us in the face?" The next step, the Great War. Puzzling over why it became a world war, and a look at the reasons. The speaker's hatred of war and his determination to live and strive for peace. The triviality of what Europe is fighting about. The speaker's conviction that we have come to the end of an era and we haven't yet got a technique for the new era we have created ourselves. Summing it all up in a symbol. Our system which is disrupted without profits. Some of the things the speaker saw on his travels and what that showed him. The need to conquer the world again and learn what to do with its abundance. Setting science free. The amount of wealth spent on preparation for war. The bankrupt nations of the world. The need for more courage, and more thinking.