Vladimir Putin

Kierans, Honourable Eric W.

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The Province of Quebec's determination to improve the standard of living for all its people, to reduce the level of unemployment and to increase the rate of economic growth in the province. Planning for the attainment of these goals. Quebec entering the most difficult period in its history and why that is so. What is required for the road to higher living standards. A programme of industrialization, particularly in the eastern and northern parts of the province which are largely undeveloped. Details of such a programme. Fostering a steel industry, and how it may be done. The current political controversy. The need for foreign investment: points in the argument. Criticism against current restrictions. Problems for provinces if Ottawa increases economic nationalism. The difficulties of dividing the fields of policy clearly between federal and provincial responsibilities. The challenge of Quebec leadership to provide continuity amid change, a basis for faith in the new and the hope of security in the future.