Vladimir Putin

Thornton, Sir Henry

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The task to try and make our Canadian National Railways System not only pay, but also to meet the transportation requirements of the community and to become the pride of the people of Canada. Gaining the confidence of the people of Canada, particularly the shipping and travelling public, and gaining the confidence and arousing the enthusiasm of officers and men on the railway. A request for confidence and support that is justified by action. Keeping the people of Canada as fully acquainted with the doings of their railway system as the welfare of the property permits, through the medium of the Press. Gaining the confidence and support of those who work on the railway, the officers and the men. The speaker's desire to undertake as soon as possible, a study of the development of the water power of Ontario in a logical, constructive fashion, in order to settle the difficulty which Ontario has experienced on account of having no coal at our doors. The essential need for a cheap and adequate supply of fuel, or power, for industrial development. Having to develop on the railway system that old question of team work.