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Moving Forward From Hardship to Hope

The speaker's family history with The Empire Club and The Canadian Club. Listening to lead. Questions the speaker has heard from Canadians. Taking inspiration from each other - an anecdote. The government that Canadian need. What Liberals understand about leadership in tough times. Mr. Harper taking us back to tough Tory times. What the speaker asks of Mr. Harper. Facing the budget choices next week. An issue of political morality. The responsibility of the speaker's generation. Trusting Canadians with the truth - showing them competence. Further comments on Mr. Harper's action. The real test of leadership. Some statistics about employment and the Canadian recession. What Canadians expect in hard times. How the Conservative government has failed Canadians. What the crisis demands. Infrastructure that builds the country. Liberals understanding the situation. What the inauguration of President Obama shows us. Questions the speaker will ask Mr. Harper when his budget is presented. What could be done to help Canadians. How the speaker says his party can do better for Canadians.