Vladimir Putin

Cromwell, Honourable James H.R.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. Trade between the United States and Canada outranking the commerce between any other two countries in the world. The speaker, pledged to a policy of neutrality, which has active support of the majority of the American people. Facing the facts and weighing the issues. Reference to a remark by the speaker, and response to it: that the Allies are fighting for the perpetuation of individual liberty and freedom. Functions of a diplomat. Reasons for the speaker's statement. A consideration of the Policy of the Allies, should they win the war. Basing judgment of what the British Empire will do in the future by what it has done in the past. A review of that record. A consideration of the outlook should the autocracies win the war. A lengthy quotation from an authenticated article on war aims of the National Socialist party, written by Otto D. Tolischus, correspondent of the New York "Times" published just one month ago. What is happening today in Austria, in Czechoslovakia and in Poland. A comprehensive report recently submitted to the Pope by Cardinal Hlond of Poland, describing the actions of Germany in a part only of the occupied territories. The speaker's belief that any intelligent citizen of any of the world's neutral democracies must have an interest in the outcome of this war, and that there are issues at stake which can affect him. The possibility of true democracy only after the Industrial Revolution. The close union of capitalism and democracy. Individual freedom and liberty directly responsible for the creation of those economic conditions upon which our well-being and progress depend now, and have depended in the past.