Vladimir Putin

Fleck, Dr. Alexander

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The changing character of the British Commonwealth as it appears to a contemporary. The speaker's personal impressions, especially in his capacity as Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries, and through his travels to many parts of the Commonwealth. Examples of the immense changes in the form and in the character, even in the spirit, of the British Commonwealth during the speaker's lifetime. Some key events in the history and transformation of the Commonwealth. Post-war developments, usually one of two forms: a questioning on the part of the older members of the Commonwealth as to whether continued membership served any purpose, or a desire upon the part of those countries which had not yet achieved Dominion status to acquire complete sovereignty. Examples of both these forms of development in Australia and India respectively. The role of the Crown in the modern Commonwealth. Race relations within the Commonwealth. The speaker's apprehension over the direction of events in Africa. Economic changes. The desire to industrialise and a determination on the part of the Commonwealth countries to raise the general standard of living of their peoples. Britain's post-war recovery and her subsequent advance to new levels of production. Some specific developments and problems in particular countries including South Africa and India. Factors which limit the pace of economic progress. The non-changing influences which the speaker believes contribute to the greatness of the Commonwealth. Common practices and common ideals. Leadership as an important factor in whether or not the Commonwealth meets the challenge of future events.